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Dr. Peter Gardner

Peter W. Gardner, MD is a board-certified physician in (Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology).  He practiced Gastroenterology and Hepatology. He has now shifted his focus solely to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Dr. Gardner is an Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) and Board Member of ASCH. He is President of the Clinical Hypnosis Association which has worldwide membership.


Dr. Gardner attended the University of North Carolina. He then attended Georgetown Medical School and subsequently did his residency in Internal Medicine  and fellowship in Gastroenterology. He then entered full-time practice in Stamford, CT. On a more personal note, Dr. Gardner played tennis for UNC, was Chairman of the Honor Court, wrote two honors thesis papers, and was a member of the ZBT fraternity. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa.


While practicing in Stamford he was the Chief of Gastroenterology at Stamford Hospital and remains on the staff. He is also on the staff of Greenwich Hospital and formerly at New York (Columbia) Presbyterian Hospital.


He has co-authored of a number of papers including several on Hepatitis C. In addition, he was chairman of the Quality Improvement Committee of one of the major healthcare companies in Connecticut.


Dr. Gardner focuses on conditions that are amenable to hypnosis and for which there is compelling evidence of its effectiveness.  With his medical background he is able to approach issues from a unique perspective. If he feels  a person would be better treated with medication or therapies other than hypnosis, he  will suggest it. He has used hypnosis both while practicing Gastroenterology (several colonoscopies with patients under hypnosis) and now as an effective therapy for other conditions.

Dr. Gardner sees patients locally and via videoconferencing, when appropriate, so therapy isn’t limited by the patient’s location.


Dr. Gardner is currently accepting new patients.


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