Anxiety, Stress, Anger

Examples are: Panic Attacks, Constant Worry, Stress, Anger, Irritability, Hypervigilance, Abandonment, Avoidant Behavior.

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Hypnosis is a very powerful treatment tool as anxiety which typically is not very difficult to treat.
All of us are plagued by anxiety some of the time and some people more than others.  Yet when it gets in the way of fully enjoying something else such as in social situations, while playing a sport, looming over us all of the time (and there are so many more), one may choose to address it.
Anxiety is, very simply, an overestimation of risk and an underestimation of one’s resources to manage it.  Anxiety typically works the same way in most situations whether it’s a fear of bridges or in a social situation or test taking.
Hypnosis is a very powerful treatment tool as anxiety is typically not difficult to treat.

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As a physician with 30 years of experience hypnosis is my sole focus and we often see dramatic results after only two or three sessions. Following Conditions are classically treated with hypnosis.