Panic Attacks :

When a Panic Attack occurs, our mind and body go from 0-60 in a split second.  We feel out of control, our heart beats rapidly, we may start sweating, and there are many other symptoms that might occur.  Recognizing when a panic attack might occur and then making the trigger much less powerful is something that can be taught, especially in hypnosis, and in fact can go away.

Anger :

Anger gets in the way of so many things – our relationships at home, at work, and even with friends.  While there are many triggers, there are a number of ways to stop it before it occurs.

Social Anxiety :

We’ve all experienced what it’s like going into a new situation and wondering who we’ll meet, what we might talk about, whether we’re going to have a good time, etc. Some people worry more than others about these things and many more in situations with other people so that it can become overwhelming.  This type of anxiety is common and there are different ways of addressing it hypnotically.

Health Anxieties :

We are constantly bombarded with illness.  In our families, our friends, the news, and often personally.  It’s simply another form of anxiety yet a potentially disabling one.  As with other anxieties, these can be managed.

Hypervigilance and Irritability :

Who hasn’t experienced these?  As the world is full of risks and yet we have the ability to find safety within ourselves, these resources and abilities can be directly addressed and lessened.